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48 Stories of Exile from Palestine

48 Stories of Exile from Palestine

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This book is a collection of 48 personal narratives, retold by the descendants of Al Nakba in 1948 through Al Naksa in 1967 and until today. The book is written in English and is approximately 106 pages, suitable for 11-99+ year olds. 

These 48 short stories shed light on the hardships and successes experienced by those who were forcefully exiled from Palestine. They include historical events, cultural anecdotes and personal memories that celebrate Palestine since the forced displacement of indigenous Palestinians in 1948, Al Nakba.

100% of the proceeds from book sales (after covering warehousing and payment processing costs) will be donated to The Palestine Children's Relief Fund (PCRF) to specifically support orphaned and amputee Palestinian children in Gaza.

ISBN: 978-9923-0-0994-9
Shipping From: Amman/Jordan
Publication Date: March 2024
Page Count: 106
Binding Type: Hard Cover Sewing
Size: 29 cm x 21.6 cm x 1 cm
Weight: 0.750 kg

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