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Susan Muaddi Darraj

Farah Rocks Florida (Bk.4) | Susan Muaddin Darraj

Farah Rocks Florida (Bk.4) | Susan Muaddin Darraj

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Ages: 9-12

Farah's little brother is in the hospital with a heart problem that needs surgery, so her parents send sixth-grader Farah off to stay with her grandmother in a retirement condo in Florida; Sitti Fayrouz does not speak much English, has a lot of rules, and does not understand Farah's interest in geology, so Farah is not happy with the move--but despite being the only child in the community, Farah finds that the people are nice, and despite getting off to a bad start (she accidentally dumped a soda on his lap) she forms a friendship with Dr. Fisher, who shares her interest in science.

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