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Rahma Rodaah

Muhiima’s Quest | Rahma Rodaah

Muhiima’s Quest | Rahma Rodaah

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Ages: 5+

Although her family does not celebrate birthdays, Muhiima wakes on the morning
of her 10th birthday to an unusual surprise. Her mother gives her a carefully
drawn map with instructions not to ask questions, but to simply follow the map.
Muhiima sets off on her bicycle to begin a quest that will take her all around town.
At each destination on the map, she is gifted with an important message and a
mysterious little box.
Travel with Muhiima on her journey and discover how the pieces of this puzzle
come together. Muhiima’s Quest is a story of self-discovery and a celebration of
diversity with the message that our heritage and faith are what make us unique
and special.

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