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Fatin Badran Kadri

Teta’s Thoub by Fatin Badran Kadri | Palestine

Teta’s Thoub by Fatin Badran Kadri | Palestine

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Teta’s Thoub is a story about a loving grandmother who teaches her granddaughter the cultural significance and tradition behind the Palestinian thoub.

The reason I wrote this story was because I couldn’t find any books on the market that portrayed Palestinians in a fun child-like story. This book was written to celebrate my identity as a Palestinian American-A story that so many children can relate to.

I also want to pass down the importance and beauty of the thoub not only to my daughter, but also to future generations of Palestinian children, the way it was passed down to me by my Teta.

  • This book is a 24 page
  • 6x10
  • Hardcover.
  • It has been beautifully illustrated by the amazingly talented Fatima Kadri, with bright, bold images.




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