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Kate Radiq,

We are Here | Kate Rafiq, Dune Studios

We are Here | Kate Rafiq, Dune Studios

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This is the story of a young boy and his mother, as they make a long and difficult journey over land and sea in search of safety. As they travel in a boat, the little boy reflects back over their journey, which his mother has tried to make into an adventure. Will they make it to safety? Will anyone help them?

Full colour illustrations accompany meaningful prose poetry text in this call to empathy and humanity in these increasingly hostile times.

10% of the profits will be donated to Refugee Rescue. Since 2014, Refugee Rescue has been involved in saving the lives of over 16,000 people in the Mediterranean Sea.

About the Author

Kate is an award winning author and illustrator, currently living in Wales, U.K. m
As well as writing and illustrating, Kate runs Dune Books: a tiny independent publishing house. Kate stocks, manages and distributes all orders herself, with books being sent around the world to countries including New Zealand, Canada and Indonesia.
Kate sells her books direct to bookshops and via Etsy but she does not sell on Amazon. She therefore relies on building good working relationships with indie-booksellers.
Kate really appreciates it when readers leave reviews on Goodreads and their social media accounts, because it really does help her books to reach more people.

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